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What We’re Reading & Listening to in Summer 2024

The tech sector doesn’t take a summer vacation. From AI advancement to cybersecurity, we’re always looking for new and thought-provoking media to stay up to date, even at the beach. Whether you’re looking to dive into the latest trends in AI and education with Salman Khan’s “Brave New Words,” or seeking practical leadership advice from Camille Fournier’s “The Manager’s Path,” we’ve curated a selection of media to inspire and inform from a tech perspective. Join us as we share our top picks and explore how these resources can enrich your journey in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

BOOK: Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (and Why That’s a Good Thing) by Salman Khan

With growing ease-of-use and accessibility in AI, language models are being used by everyone, in every industry, at every stage of their lives. This, inevitably, includes the education system. Salman Khan’s Brave New Words tackles the complexity of the future of learning, anticipating and embracing a world in which the way we educate is supplemented by AI. While society slowly moves past the first few waves of AI panic, fear around the topic lingers. This book discusses the application of GPT technology through an optimistic lens, exploring the potential benefits of leveraging language models to not replace, but enhance learning.

Preview or purchase Brave New Words here. 

BOOK: The Coming Wave by Michael Bhaskar and Mustafa Suleyman

Interested in the other side of the AI coin? Michael Bhaskar and Mustafa Suleyman paint a masterful portrait of the proliferation of technology in the modern world, and discuss the implications of AI, as well as the lack of containment and growth scale threatening societal upheaval in the coming years. With critics calling The Coming Wave heartfelt, candid, and eloquent, this book is as palatable as it is thought provoking, and provides a cohesive narrative interweaving technology, hope, and fear for the future.

Preview or purchase The Coming Wave here.

BOOK: The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth & Change by Camille Fournier

Leadership that necessitates technical skill is always more difficult than regular people management. In The Manager’s Path, Camille Fournier explores team management expectations, mentorship, self-management, and how to build a unified culture that aligns technical leadership with personal success. This must-read for tech managers is an older read, but the principles detailed throughout are timeless and are more relevant now than ever.

Preview or purchase The Manager’s Path here.

PODCAST: Software Engineering Daily

Featuring daily interviews about technical software engineering topics, this well-known podcast broadens what it means to be a software engineer, and helps to make software accessible, informative, and engaging for all who are interested.

Find the latest episode of Software Engineering Daily here.


With 795 episodes to dive into, Syntax has been talking about web development since 2017. This super-approachable podcast highlights every aspect of development, with digestible topics for people at all stages of their development career.

Find the latest episode of Syntax here.

PODCAST: Darknet Diaries

Pure entertainment for anyone interested in cybersecurity, Darknet Diaries talks about the dark side of the internet in every episode. This podcast looks at hacking, data breaches, and cybercrime from a narrative perspective, while still managing to remain technical. Jack Rhysider’s approach to cybersecurity is a must-listen.

Find the latest episode of Darket Diaries here.

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Best Canadian Tech Podcasts

With the gloomy winter months right around the corner, now is the perfect time to curl up and find your new favorite podcast. Canada’s tech scene is growing rapidly, and we’ve found the best Canadian podcasts for tech professionals, or anyone with an interest in business and technology. Check out our picks for some of the best industry-specific podcasts (including some local ones!) and tune in to learn more about corporate life, software development, small business ownership, virtual reality, and everything in between.



Brought to you by MobileSyrup, SyrupCast highlights the tech stories that matter most to Canadians, including topics like smartphones, video games, telecom news, and more. If you’re interested in tuning into a perfectly curated, purely Canadian podcast, SyrupCast is for you.

Latest episode: iPhone 13/iPad mini reviews and Microsoft’s big Surface event


The BetaKit Podcast Channel

This channel touches on Canadian tech and innovation and discusses global tech from a Canadian perspective.

Latest episode: What a marriage proposal at a Vance Joy show taught Dan Mangan about scaling Side Door



GetConnected with Mike Agerbo features interviews with innovators, executives, and other industry pros, to explore how everything from tech gadgets to internet culture is changing the world. This podcast is a great jumping off point for anyone interested in simplifying their tech news and connecting to the industry in new ways.

Latest episode: Amazon’s Fall Device Launch Event Was Overwhelming — Here’s What You Need to Know


AT Banter

This Assistive Technology podcast provides a look into assistive technology, accessibility, and the importance of technology in people’s lives worldwide.

Latest episode: AT Banter Podcast Episode 259 – Community Recreational Initiatives Society


What the Tech?

Perfect for tech junkies to stay updated on technology news, this podcast discusses new technologies in the workplace. From controversial debates to software reviews, this podcast will keep you on your toes and ready to learn about this industry from the inside out.

Latest episode: What The Tech Ep. 494 – Integration Is The Future

Canadian Tech Podcast

Each episode of Canadian Tech Podcast breaks down the biggest stories in Canadian technology news and discusses how they affect Canadians in their daily lives. Featuring interviews, special segments, and more.

Latest episode: CTP Ep. 149 – Erich Ko and Boyd Reid


Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, you’ll hear a guest discuss everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

Latest episode:152: Ben Orenstein – How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job at a Small Company

Bathtime 2 Boardroom

Bathtime 2 Boardroom is the perfect podcast for working parents. You’ll hear discussions about balancing work and life, and the challenges that come with it, along with stories from workers from all walks of life.

Latest episode:S5: E6 ”Dads Takeover” with Rockstar Realtor & Dad Andy Wong



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