We value people and reputation as much as you do, and we know why you're here. It’s hard to find highly specialized IT professionals; and when you do, they may already be committed to a long-term role or unsure of how to get started with a lengthy, complicated application process.

By working with us, you'll gain access to our extensive network of IT professionals we’ve spent years building and refining. Because we have connections with so many talented people, we’re able to speak with them before another opportunity comes along. Our recruiters and account managers form close relationships with our applicants, and this is key to our high success rate.

Stellar is passionate about connecting people, and that’s exactly what we do. We take our candidates through a detailed interview process to assess their skills and learn more about them, find the perfect role for their specific abilities, and connect you with your new star candidate.


At Stellar, we're growing our network of skilled Engineering professionals every day. We're committed to connecting our candidates to the perfect role for their specific set of skills. Because of our wide range of connections and the close relationship our recruiters and sales managers maintain with our candidates, you can be sure you're being matched with the perfect candidate every time.

We help big names in the business grow their teams and find the people they need to do the job quickly and effectively. We're meeting new engineering professionals every day, and we have connections to some of the most talented minds in the city. Because we know so many great candidates, we're able to fill highly specialized engineering roles - we have an extensive network of mechanical, electrical, and even naval engineers. This allows us to recruit for even the most evasive of skill sets.

We're passionate about connecting people, and that's exactly what we do for our clients. We may already have someone in mind for you - just say the word.