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At Stellar, we specialize in placing highly skilled individuals in IT and Engineering roles. Working with a recruiter isn't just about "the right people in the right seats". You want a star who will take the role and grow with it, make a positive impact on the business, and shine in your company culture. Our network is full of stars. We make job placement simple. And we're here when you need someone to find you the right spark.


Whether you're looking for short or long term employment, we'll connect you with our extensive network of clients and run with you towards your dream role.


When you need help for short or long term projects, we've got you covered. We have an extensive network of experienced contractors ready to take on any job, big or small.


We’ve built strong relationships with Vancouver-based executives, and we’ll help them make their next big move so you can make your next big business play.


We’ll take care of payrolling for your organization’s independent contractors. Less paperwork. More smiles.


Whether you're actively job searching, involved in the business, or just want to stay connected to the Vancouver job market, follow along on social media for the latest updates in the industry and instant access to our newest job postings.

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