How to Find Meaning in Your Work

Although there is no such thing as a meaningless job, there can be times when one’s job appears to have lost that spark. Why is your job not as fulfilling as the beginning? There is much more to it than just the nature of the job. Job hunters look for new opportunities for different reasons. Some candidates are ready for a new career move, some are always looking for a challenge and others are looking for a meaningful change.

If you are starting a role or feel like you lack a sense of purpose at work, here are some prompts to find meaning in what you do.

Keep your brain active

When our job duties are predictable and repetitive, our brains receive little stimulation. For those who are always looking for a challenge, once they have mastered a job, they might feel stuck. There may be a sense that they aren’t learning anymore, or just not growing professionally.

You must keep your brain active and be open to learning new techniques and learning from others. A good way to do this is to try reframing your job. Find potential improvements in current processes. Help others who started just like you. Try to expand your knowledge by talking to others in the industry. Look beyond your job duties.

Communicate your concerns

If your job is not what you expected, you are not alone. It is common for a job to mismatch your expectations over time. An open conversation with your recruiter or your supervisor can help you find ways to make you feel comfortable again. Communication is key. Your input is valuable, and it might not only help you find meaning in what you do, but help others as well.

Think bigger

Consider where a job might take you in the long term. Instant rewards tend to be easily forgotten, but good things take time.

It is also important to celebrate small wins, such as the projects you have completed. Think about that time when you helped a colleague, the deadlines you manage to meet, and how much you have grown. Give yourself the recognition you deserve.

Explore a full career change

It is important to identify what is making you feel like you are missing something. Is it the workplace? The job itself or personal matters? Take your time to explore your interest, core values, skills, and the work environments you enjoy.


Don’t be afraid to look for a new job if you’re lacking meaning in your career. Send out resumes, get in touch with recruiters, and reach out to your network. These actions can help you find potential jobs that can match your skills while giving you a fresh start or the opportunity to work in a company you’ve always dreamed of. How do you find meaning in your work? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Posted by Diana Macias Cholac