Outstanding People

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Outstanding People

Because everyone should love their job as much as we do

Current Openings


Stellar Recruitment has spent years building incredible relationships and growing an extensive network of outstanding people in Vancouver. Because of our established, reliable connections and our emphasis on integrity, our recruitment style is natural, organic, and pressure-free.

Working with a recruiter isn’t just about “the right people in the right seats”. You want a star who will take the role and grow with it, make a positive impact on the business, and shine in your company culture.

Our network is full of stars. We make job placement simple. And we’re here when you need someone to find you the right spark.


Payroll Services

We’ll take care of payrolling for your organization’s independent contractors. Less paperwork. More smiles.

Contract Recruitment

When you need extra help for short or long term projects, we’ll assign our best contractors to the job. You’re welcome to hire them after 6 months at no extra cost.

Executive Search

We’ve built strong relationships with Vancouver-based executives, and we’ll help them make their next big move so you can make your next big business play.

Full-time Placements

We swiftly and carefully work within our network to find best fit candidates so you can focus on your existing team.

Who We Are

If you step into the Stellar Recruitment office on a weekday, you might find our recruiters collaborating with colleagues, on the phone with candidates, or taking their lunch over a critical game of ping pong.

Because our business is ‘people’, we especially value ours. We don’t impose a vacation day limit, and we like to spend time together outside of the office, even taking exciting trips to celebrate successes.

With an open, supportive environment and no private offices, outsiders have said we’ve “won the lottery” working here. We’re inclined to agree!

Are you a recruitment professional or someone with complementary skills looking to join an established but growing firm? We’d love to hear from you. Send us your resume at info@stellar-recruitment.com and we’ll reach out if we think you might be a fit.


Whether you represent a business looking to hire outstanding people, or you’re an individual looking to make your next career move, we’d love to hear from you.

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